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Unit 3 - CSS Styling Learning Diary

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By Hassan Jasim in the group COMP 266 August 24, 2022 - 3:31pm

In this unit, I improved on the HTML of my site by adding styling, class names to HTML tags and more. Much like unit 2, I have worked extensively with CSS in the past few years, so this unit was relatively straight forward for me. I was able to identify the properties that I needed to change to make the site look the way I wanted. Keeping the site colors neutral and styling flat and simplistic was key hare as I wanted all the personas to have an easy time navigating the site with no jarring colors or anything too flashy. As I am portraying a professional company targeted to professionals, the styling needed to match that aesthetic. Much like unit 2, It was a little odd for me to just work on the CSS and leave the HTML largely untouched. In my workflow, I usually bounce back and forth between HTML and CSS, changing tags and styling to get the desired look of the site. However, for this site, most of the planning needed to happen ahead of time and HTML tags were carefully picked so that during the development of unit 3, there would minimal back and forth. I believe I have met the learning outcome for this unit as my code is well commented, well segmented, and easy to read. If I had to do this unit again, I would split up the CSS file into multiple files. Even though this would create a lot of duplicated CSS code as there are many shared components across pages, it would improve maintainability of the codebase.

Zip folder of the site can be found here:


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