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Writing is Continuous Editing

Writing is Continuous Editing

Even though I have a lot of experience writing (blogging, and writing articles for a small newspaper business), and have taken many English writing courses, as well as being an English teacher around the world “on and off” for the past twenty years, the results of a pre-course test has determined that I would greatly benefit from taking the ‘MAIS 606’ – Academic Writing for Graduate Students, and so here I am.

My writing experience also includes the many papers I have written during my studies over the past two years: I graduated in June 2019 from the bachelor of general studies program. I admit though, although I did do well with the writing of various papers and on different topics, I knew I could do better and I didn’t need a teacher to tell me this, although, it helps.

The results of my pre-course test was interesting indeed: some of the feedback in areas surprised me, while others didn’t, but this just goes to show how many of us may not be highly aware of the mistakes we make in everyday writing – and even more so, when it comes to writing for university studies.

A couple areas of “some” concern mentioned in my pre-course results, were being more specific about a thesis, elaborate on details or examples as it pertains to the thesis and, and (more or less) staying on track with the topic – making sure that all information in the paragraphs flow nicely together, reaching a “to the point” conclusion that reflects on the thesis, argument or topic statement. I brought ‘these issues’ up with the teacher (Michael Volek) of the MAIS 606 – “Academic Writing for Graduate Students,” course during our ‘Writing Conference,’ and Michael gave some very good suggestions to help me in developing a strong thesis, provide flowing details paragraph by paragraph, and finish with a solid conclusion that reflects upon the thesis.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a lot of writing experience, as a matter of fact, writing is something that has always been a part of my destiny: to write books, sharing with the world, all that my senses have experienced and continue to in life; but, I’ve been (more or less) writing “creatively” and now - even more so than my undergrad studies, I need to adhere to the rules of (appreciate and understand) academic writing for many papers I will be writing in the Master of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies program.

While I have been writing creatively much of my life, writing papers for university does require much more in-depth work, and as my creative writing career will need regular editing, this couldn’t be more important than in writing papers academically. Based on the above items of concerns from my pre-test, many of these problems can be avoided if only I spend more time editing; after all, writing is a continuous task of editing, and this alone, is and will be key to helping me with the problems mentioned above.


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