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Question Everything - Even Your Questions

Question Everything - Even Your Questions


1. How do you think your writing process has been influenced/changed by asking Elbow’s questions of your text?

Besides referring to and “taking into consideration” the questions in Peter Elbow’s “Writing with Power,” the questions raised by John Swales and Christine Feak in “Academic Writing for Graduate Students,” and those from Allyson Skene’s “Writing a Critical Review,” many of them do indeed change the way in how I not only write, but how I think while writing: I tend to write as if everything I write is going to be presented verbally to a large crowd, and a crowd that will consist of many people that I need to convince of what it is I want to say. I will present my writing to a crowd that will have all sorts of questions – the what, why, where, who and how of everything, and I must be prepared to answer them – even if they don’t ask these questions, they will be forming a conceived notion within their minds.

I find that after taking note of some of Elbow’s questions (1998), when I write, I write with the guidance of answering these questions, which probe at me keeping me on an organized track from one paragraph to the next – and all stemming from a “good idea.” Based on Elbow’s questions (1998), I ask myself if my topic is a good and how will I form a good foundation which will lead me and my writing into a good logical argument supporting my topic or general idea. Asking myself some of the questions derived from Elbow’s “Writing with Power” (1998), as I write, is helping me to keep in mind all that is required in writing a good paper, that should appeal to my audience and pique their interest on what it is that I am trying to say – and to make them not only understand my words, but believe in the power of them.

Now when I write, I tend to not only ask questions - guiding me with my writing, but I find I am also working hard to answer all the possible questions many will ask. 

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