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Unfortunately, Google is Not Enough in Research

Unfortunately, Google is Not Enough in Research

What are some evaluative distinctions you might make between a literature search and a Google search? Consider the differences between research sources found using library services and those found using public Internet searching.

The first difference I found between using a literature search (ie. Proquest, JSTOR, and Google Scholar) and then the internet search engine Google, was the availability of information. The amount of materials that can be found using an internet search engine is unlimited; but then again, so are the advertisements that come with it, unlike “no ads” with the library databases. Another difference I found between the two is that in order to fully benefit with information from a library database, there is a fee. For most of the information available on the internet, it is free. With respects to obtaining credible material for academic studies, information found at library databases are reviewed and evaluated regularly, whereas, with the internet, they are not and anybody can place their ideas on the internet. It is important to consider the differences in the material available between a library database and a Google search and to keep this in mind when conducting our research; especially, if we are in need of credible answers.

There is an excellent comparison table in the link below that lists differences between a library database search and that of the internet.

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