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Political Language: The Art of Communicating the Hidden Agenda

Political Language: The Art of Communicating the Hidden Agenda

Can you think of some examples of "political language"— that is, words or phrases that "smuggle" or encode a specific political subtext?

Gee, some examples? Hmmm, this is not a hard question to answer, just hard to decide which political figure to refer to here in thinking of some examples of “political language.” Just the phrase itself ‘political language’ says enough about whom is sneaking in words and phrases that convey other messages not explicitly being said. I do believe that all political figures use political language in order to form and maintain ‘special relations’ amongst the world. There are many examples of how people use political language as can be seen in the link below:

Language Politics

Even though this ruthless, overgrown, rude and ignorant child does smuggle in a few words and ‘meanings’ not otherwise explicitly said in any of his main ‘gibberish speeches,’ he does from time to time avoid the use of any political language and comes right out and rudely and disrespectfully “shoots at the mouth.” Donald Trump is a top notch example of someone who attempts to sneak in words and ideas with underlying messages or meanings of people, places or things not otherwise said upfront. His ‘sneaky ways’ in speaking are not always so ‘cleverly disguised,’ something I would think a person with an IQ of 160 (so he or others claim) should have no problem with in mastering.

The Sneaky Language Today’s Politicians Use

Something Donald Duck, I mean ‘Trump’ could benefit from is learning the art of political correctness, but this would require first, having some sort of conscience, and maybe even a little care and respect for others and how they feel.

Political Correctness

Oh yeah, I am not a fan of Donald Trump :) Was there anything I said here that exemplified the use of political language?

“Regarding the phrase ‘political correctness,’ who said there was ever anything correct about the way in which many political figures speak?” –Charleen Stokes

I guess I too have been able to smuggle in a word or two now and then in the some of my conversations I have had with people in the past, for I remember this one particular time when someone who was upset with me had said to me: “You know what Charleen, you have the ability to tell somebody to “go to hell” without them even knowing.” I had no idea, ha ha. I said thank you as it sounded like a compliment. I have come a long way though since then – 1988. I’m sure I still do a little smuggling now and then, but traveling the world and being amongst so many people around the world and being involved with different dealings, I have learned the ‘art of diplomacy.’


I suppose the use of smuggling, political correctness and diplomacy do tend to get intertwined and confused for the other amongst political figures – anyone for this matter.


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