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[Converted from .MOV source -]

1994 Developed with the assistance of the MRC Multimedia group with their Mac and video hardware converter - Audio and video clip in QuickTime format. I believe the segment was video taped then analog to digital converted which has contributed to a poor audio track.


Science and Technology Students at Mount Royal College have a 24 hour a day 7 days a week electronic resource. The SciTech Bulletin Board System to assist them with their studies. Mount Royal College’s SciTech BBS provides Science and Technology students with student to student and student to instructor electronic mail, course documents, and teleconferencing services. Students can access telnet and FTP Internet services to search International scientific information banks. Internet users can also connect to the SciTech BBS node on world wide web. Science students registered in a particular course can access course outlines, lecture notes, tutorial assignments, and be tested online through the bulletin board system. Mount Royal College’s Faculty of Science and Technology is committed to using modern telecommunications technology to enhance the learning experience of our students.


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