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HRMT 361 - Assignment 1 - Part D: Reflection on the Activities of the Assignment

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By KBEL August 15, 2021 - 12:55am

My biggest challenge during the project was figuring out how to begin. I had no idea what was going on in systems analysis, thus this is my first time being involved in it. I had the impression that any response I provided was a blind guess. Although it took a thorough examination and meticulous analysis of all the elements, I have now discovered how it all works. In addition, since numerous use cases were discovered which were not directly related to the system, I found finding use cases to be a difficult task. In certain instances, more than one event type was associated with each use case. Despite being widely believed, I was able to see that the vehicle-sharing project's Business Environment, System Vision, and Risks and Feasibility elements were very simple to pinpoint. My strategy involved pinpointing the root reason before formulating a viable remedy. Here, future congestion and pollution both increased as a result of rising traffic. Furthermore, the technology would better aid to run the new vehicle sharing service, making the process more accessible and simplified for users. A great deal of thought went into devising these ideas since all participants, including customers (those using the product) and staff, were all considered in the process. To learn more about the risks and feasibility, it was essential to discover everything known about the potential issues and opportunities. Conceptually, this procedure is very simple; nevertheless, getting it done may be complicated and challenging. Subject matter specialists, traffic authorities, and project managers may all be required to properly analyze the usefulness of a car-sharing program, for example. Most of the time the data and knowledge are not easily accessible in the systems analysis process.


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