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  • AU Open Access Week Webcast:


    Monday, October 22nd


    OER and Mobile Learning

    Dr. Rory McGreal

    The OER university: A sustainable model for more affordable education futures

    Dr. Wayne Mackintosh


    Tuesday, October 23rd

    Open Access and Public Policy

    Dr. Frits Pannekoek


    Wednesday, October 24th

    "Open and Closed" Getting the mix right. Who gets to Decide??

    Dr. Jon Dron

    Dr. Terry Anderson

    Dr. George Siemens


    Thursday, October 25th

    Integrating openness in course design

    Dr. Cindy Ives

    Much Open Online Content (mooc)

    Mr. Steve Schafer


    Friday, October 26th

    Sleeping with the Elephant – Leveraging AU’s Position through Open Courseware

    Dr. Martin Connors

    Contribution of AU's e-Lab initiative to Open Access and OER Development Dr. Evelyn Ellerman

    Athabasca River Basin Research Institute Repository: Enhancing open access, education and research

    Dr. Lisa Carter

    Mr. Tony Tin

    Tony Tin September 20, 2012 - 11:56am