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  • Hi Matt,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I completely agree that using DeepFake for harassments in on the rise. Criminals and attackers are always on the hunt for new ways through which they can target their victims. One of the most concerning factors is that DeepFake technology is widely available (Ahmed, 2021).

    As this technology advances it will become more and more difficult to differentiate between a real and a fake video or audio. I have seen videos on YouTube regarding DeepFake and it is scary to see how real they look. With further advancements and perfection of this technology, criminals will use this to their advantage and can cause serious harm by targeting government officials or tarnish someone’s reputation.  I believe there should be strict laws on misuse of such technology and the content should be regulated by tech companies creating such technologies.

    An interesting post by Norton giving some more insight on DeepFake technology:


    Ahmed, A. (2021, March 9). Social Media Users Warned Of Deepfake: The New Conartistry Tool. Digital Information World. Retrieved from

    Narius Farhad Davar October 19, 2021 - 10:57pm

  • It might be worth looking into Doug Engelbart's work, because he basically invented everything! including the GUI, the mouse, and much of what we use today. That includes hypertext (notwithstanding the Memex) and a wide range of collaboration tools, notably NLS in the 1960s.

    Jon Dron September 29, 2021 - 12:45pm

  • Interesting solution for the last row n!. Now that's a creative work around. It's cool to see what different methods everyone's using to solve the same question. 

    Erika Racette September 28, 2021 - 7:24pm

  • Hi Matthew,

    Nice to meet you as well. Congratulations on almost making it to the finish line with your MSc IS program. 

    Your post mentioning the future of social media and how it impacts your family and kids resonates with me. We opted for online year of schooling for our son last year who was in kindergarten at the time, and had to use Google Classroom. I was not very comfortable for him to have an online presence at such a young age; however, given the unprecedented circumstances with the pandemic, we felt it was a sacrifice we had to make for his safety and well-being. 

    I look forward to collaborating with you and the rest of the colleagues as well! 

    Kind Regards,


    Rayees Khan September 22, 2021 - 3:52pm