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  • Funny enough, I saw your two other videos about telnet, but I can't watch the video link in the first post; I get a "DNS" error, which is ironic given our topic.

    Ilia Koulikov yesterday

  • As a first-year writing teacher, I started to believe that students were better off learning to do the kind of writing they needed for their other classes, so we would work on discipline-specific papers, which went pretty well.

    This was the best thing that I learned as a teaching assistant, though, and I liked to pass it on to my students: A study was done showing that when grappling with new ideas, learners' writing tended to get considerably worse before making a quantum leap to better. So poor writing can be a sign of growth. Part of the discovery process.

    Mary Pringle yesterday

  • Finally! Fixed the link problem. I'm still not overly impressed with the ability to either embed content or have a player on the page.

    Jesse Nesvold April 25, 2017 - 7:28pm

  • Hey Jesse,

    I just commented on your other post, before you could get the videos working. I'm glad you got them, though. Your first video is useful and I'll reference it in my own work for sure, when I get to using telnet because I'm also running windows 10. What I found amusing was that you were using the NIST time servers for your example. I actually had to write a NIST timestamp - fetching program in Java a couple of years back using network connections and multithreading =). In my own blogs, I've written about how I feel like I messed it all up, in retrospect. I hadn't had the benefit of the knowledge this course has given me already (and will no doubt continue to give me). 

    Your second video was also quite useful. I've never used telnet extensively, but it is nice to know that even backspacing would ruin the beginning of what I've already typed due to "illegal characters," which I suppose makes sense. If you hadn't explicitly mentioned it, I would've been very very confused indeed by this error message. Despite programming for over four years, I still make typing mistakes all the time and I'm a regular backspacer =). Thanks for your committment!

    Ilia Koulikov April 24, 2017 - 6:04am