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Designs In Pseudo Code

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By Hahd Khan August 22, 2021 - 10:45am

Designs In Pseudo Code
1) contact form
-First, prevent users from clicking send
- declare and initialize variables for message box, email, name, and status
-check if the email is an appropriate length and if it has "@" sign as well as "."
-check if the message length is more than 10 words
-check if the name has a white space since I am requiring my contact form to have the person's full name
- if any of the if statements fail, print out a status message saying that the respective items are invalid
2) project slide show
-declare and initialize variables for project items, total number of projects, and width of each project
-go through the project length and set the width and margin
-determine number of slide number pages by going through the number of project items
-have the slide move onto the next page slide when user clicks on the slide number page
3) software developer animation effect
-declare and initialize variables
-as long as the character is less than the role name, keep having the animation run



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