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Open Education - Are you ready to commit???

The Open University UK's Support Centre for Open Resources in Education has put out a "commitment" form online:

Education has the power to transform lives but too often access is restricted.  Among those excluded are those who lack the right qualifications, who cannot pay the fees or who are unable to accommodate a fixed schedule.  The Open Education movement seeks to remove barriers to education by freely sharing educational resources and adopting open educational practices.

The Open Education Group Statement of Commitment

“I will, whenever possible, release the educational content I produce under an open licence and whenever I am looking for resources for education I will endeavour to seek out content with an open licence.”

To make this commitment, please go to: and sign the "pledge" if you feel you can. 
You might also sign up to the Cape Town Declaration:
Tim Seal of SCORE has set it up and also formed a new Open Education group is currently being set up as a special interest group of ALT (Association of Learning Technology). The statement of commitment to Open Education then helps launch the group and supports Open Education Week. Note there is no need to link the two actions - i.e. you can "pledge" without joining anything.


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