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Upcoming Library Orientation for Students, September 2

The Library is offering a free webinar via Adobe Connect for students from 6-7pm MT on Wednesday, September 2. The webinar will provide an orientation and overview of the Library and the services it offers. All students are welcome to attend.

The Adobe Connect link is: topics include:  

Overview of AU Library collection (books, e-books, journal articles, databases etc.)   

Services available to students    

Tour of the Library website    

Basic search for journal articles    

Using the Library catalogue    

Finding full text journal articles from a citation    

Getting help for writing, citing, and research  

Reference librarians (an amazing resource available to students!)

Questions can be directed to Colin Elliott (; 780-675-6824) or Jennifer Rempel (; 780-675-6257).


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AU Anthropology Interest Group

AU Anthropology Interest Group

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