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Week 2: The foundations of Grammar on the Road to Becoming an Academic Writer

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By Katia-Angela Guzzardi January 23, 2022 - 6:38pm

In looking over my AWA results from the University of Athabasca I am made aware of a few key points that need to be addressed when it comes to my writing.  Below is a brief overview of my results.

Grammar: 17/20 review pronoun forms, agreement with neither/nor, and verb forms with modal verbs

Mechanics: 17/20 you could double check punctuation, capitalization and possessives

Word order: 10/10 completed

Editing: 8/10 problem with pronoun forms

Reading comprehension 12/20

Essay 24/50

 Grammatically speaking I need to work on pronouns, verb forms and double check my punctuation.  All skills that will require a bit more attention to detail overall.  Likely in-depth editing and note taking will be key with this task.  In terms of my reading comprehension and the essay, I do feel that some of that that score was subjective, and the marker did not agree with my take on the reading.  I also find that writing an essay answer for a test on a subject you get no prior time to prepare for also makes it difficult to fully answer the question.  Like the mechanics of my writing, I feel that I will need to spend more time taking an in-depth look at my writing, defining what questions I am trying to answer and if my work fits within the writing/marking rubric.    Like this test, also looking at the pre-test, I struggle with pronouns verbs and comma placement.  It is clear to me that I need to spend more time editing my work and more time practicing writing academically.


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