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Natalia's COMP 607 - Reflective Learning Diary

For your consideration this week:

You are an IT professional who has broad access to corporate documents, and it transpires that some of the documents you read show that the company you work for is violating government regulations or laws. Do you have a moral obligation to turn them in, or are you ethically bound to respect your employer's privacy? Would it make a difference if you signed a nondisclosure agreement when you accepted the job?


Before making a decision to report the issue or not to the authorities, the below considerations should be made:

1. What affect the decision will have on everyone involved?

2. What harm will come because of the decision?

3. Finally, how would the decision affect my moral compass and how would I feel after making the decision?

After considering the above points, I will feel obligated to notify the organization's heads of my findings, along with reporting the incident to the right government organizations, in an effort to finding a common ground where the error may be rectified and amicable to all involved parties.