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Week 3 - Weekly Reflection

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By Leah Korganowski in the group COMP 607: Fall 2015 cohort October 7, 2015 - 3:59pm

The main takeaway from the sources that I have researched this week is that it is so easy in present day for our data and information to be accessed. With the prevalence of social media use, it has never been easier to access information about someone. Also since social media is just developed on websites, often times they are easily able to be cracked and accessed by people unwillingly to a person’s account.

The one article I read, Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation, was very interesting as it highlighted that people when surfing the net and registering on social media sites, should be aware that their data can be accessed and should have no reason to complain about it otherwise, as there will never be true privacy online. This goes hand in hand with another article I found this week from the BBC, which highlights that every day when we are online we are leaving a digital footprint. An interesting quote I found was from Simon McDougall who’s quoted as stating “If you pay money for a product, you get a product. If you do not pay money for a product, you are the product". I found this statement so interesting and so true. How many times has someone been on Google search engine (free), only to find that advertisements after a query search are related to that search, popping up on Google in the future and other websites. This is a very common experience among internet users and clearly demonstrates how we are being used (for our searches and interests) to be advertised to. But on the other hand, the product is free (of cost), I think as long as the users are aware of this fact and that their data footprint is being used then there is nothing wrong with our data being used.