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BT Week 6 - Apple vs. Samsung

Bozena Tkaczyk
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By Bozena Tkaczyk in the group COMP 607: Fall 2015 cohort November 5, 2015 - 12:24pm
BT Week 6 - Apple vs. Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung

Apple and Samsung announced an agreement to participate in court-supervised mediation of their years-long patent dispute. 

Apple and Samsung attorneys agreed to enter mediation covering settlement terms relating to the first Apple v. Samsung patent trial. The date is November 15, 2015.

Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero will preside over the discussions in November. 

Pursuant to the September 18, 2015, Case Management Order (Dkt. No. 3289), the parties jointly submit this update on alternative dispute resolution. The parties are willing to mediate with Judge Spero with a settlement conference deadline of November 15, 2015, and are conferring on scheduling”.

Apple is demanding a total of $548 million in damages connected to its first court win.

In the past, Apple and Samsung CEOs agreed to court-supervised mediation before the first jury trial in 2012 and again ahead of a second trial in 2014, but both parties did not achieve an agreeable solution.

It will be very interesting to watch the next attempt to find an amicable resolution Embarassed

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