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Week 13: Workshopping and Literature Review Mayhem

Writing a literature review for the first time has been eye opening!  I have often read literature reviews throughout my education and never thought about just how much work goes into a literature review.

Also, I would not recommend trying to write a literature review while sick, there is so much to read and comprehend and being sick is not helpful.

I am learning so much and I appreciate the workshopping with course mates and with Dr. Volek. It is helpful to have other perspectives as you are editing your work. Sometimes I get so stuck on a topic that it is helpful to speak to others.

There is so much work and thought required and my drafts just keep growing. Even with all the feedback I am not sure I feel confident in my work. This is my first graduate level course, and I am working very hard and learning so much. I keep hoping that my efforts are showing through my blogs and the final assignments I submit. There is so much room for growth and for learning in academic writing.  I don’t think one every really perfects their writing, there are always things to sort through and adjust.

I think being an academic writer also means you must have flexibility and not take things personally when you are struggling with an assignment. It is hard to grow as an academic if you are stuck in your head and lacking in confidence.



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