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Mapping Out Learning Outcomes Workshop

imageOn October 13, 2015, CLDD hosted approximately 20 enthusiastic participants for the “Mapping Out Learning Outcomes Workshop,” the first ever learning-outcomes-focused workshop at AU.    Dr. Cindy Ives, former long-time Director of CLDD and now interim Vice President Academic, opened the proceedings by remarking that it was more appropriate than ever to discuss learning outcomes (LOs), since everyone from accreditation bodies to institutions of higher learning were in the process of examining them in various ways.  The workshop, she observed, was an opportunity to clarify what LOs might mean for the AU context, and specifically course design policy, as we collectively undertake the next level of conversation—the alignment of course development, program development, and institutional goals.


Dr. Patti Dyjur and learning designer Luis Guadarrama

Highlights included presentations by learning designers on the background and theoretical framework of LOs (Corinne Bossé), and their practical application in the design and development of AU courses (Luis Guardarrama). Dr. Nancy Parker of the Office of Institutional Studies traced the history of LO development at AU from its infancy 14 years ago to the now systematic practice of program reviews to map out a logical sequence to a degree. Dr. Jane Arscott of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences presented on the course Human Services 489, the culmination of continuous review of prior learning assessments, and their role in the development of LOs. Dr. Patti Dyjur from the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary, introduced valuable tools for use in the course and program mapping process. She concluded the day with a quotation from Dr. Natasha Kenny: “Curriculum mapping drives discussions not decisions.”

 It was a fitting conclusion to a constructive workshop, and participants left looking forward to applying what they had learned.


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