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Week 9 - Weekly Reflection

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By Leah Korganowski in the group COMP 607: Fall 2015 cohort November 17, 2015 - 6:30pm

My response to the fishbowl debate was in response to my peer’s previous posts. Paul brought up an excellent example of social media I think that many of us here, myself included use for work and networking purposes exclusively, LinkedIn. This site is where we are actually putting ourselves out there and aski7ng to be judged and for our information to be available to current and future employers. I think that while many of the above posts mention how employers can use social media as a means to find out information and use it in a negative manner, it can also be harnessed in a positive way to better ones connections and career! Such as LinkedIn. I know many people also that are aware that if you are not careful on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, that employers looking up information on you can see your personal life. For this reason I know a few people who actually only use these sites for Non-Profit work or to even enhance their image. I think we all have a right to privacy and ownership of our own data, but users of social sites need to be conscious that they are in a public space and to act accordingly also.

I also liked the way my classmate mentioned that employers sometimes can go to extreme extents to judging job candidates, such as a driving test to judge temperament. It does seem a bit ridiculous as it does not demonstrate the employees work skill or work ethic. However I definitely do think that a personal social site made public can definitely demonstrate what type of person someone is and even what values they hold. Such as an employer should to some extent do a background check on employees to make sure that they comply with their company values and are good citizens. As employees, even in their personal lives, can be a reflection of the company as well.


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