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California introduces OER Bill SB1052 for Post secondary

The bill would require the California Open Education Resources 
Council to determine a list of the 50 most widely taken lower 
division courses in the public postsecondary segments. The bill would 
also require the council to review and approve developed open source 
materials and to promote strategies for production, access, and use 
of open source textbooks to be placed on reserve at campus libraries 
in accordance with this section. 

. . . . . . .
The bill would require the council to establish a competitive 
request-for-proposal process in which faculty members, publishers, 
and other interested parties would apply for funds to produce, in 
2013, 50 high-quality, affordable, digital open source textbooks and 
related materials, meeting specified requirements

. . . . . . Through a $25 million, state-led strategic investment in Open 
Education Resources (OER), California can offer students in the 50 
most widely taken lower division courses the highest quality 
textbooks and related materials for free online or for about $20 per 
(4) This move will bring California's college and university 
experience into the 21st century while providing students and their 
families sorely needed financial relief, and while providing faculty 
more flexible and dynamic tools to enhance student success.