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The topic I have chosen for my research paper is: *Ethical and Legal issues
relating to Cloud Computing*



In recent years more and more organizations are looking at ways to gaining efficiencies, while increasing their profit margins.  In an effort to maintain a competitive edge, many organizations are turning to cloud technology to assist with their need of keeping ahead of their competitors, this technology is deemed the next generation of IT.  This paper briefly looks at cloud computing risks, along with some of the ethical and legal issues that arise and how they may be mitigated.  By reviewing previous research on the topic, the intent of this paper is to provide a better understanding of some of the issues and solutions surrounding cloud computing that can assist with the securing of information in the clouds. However, there is still much more research required to fully understand what the greater impact is pertaining to cloud computing, a question of complete protection that may never be fully understood due to the continuous advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs), making it difficult to proactively anticipate all risks including ethical and legal issues associated with cloud computing.  This paper provides food for thought and requires much more research to grasp a broader scope around the legal and ethical issues that organizations are faced with when moving to the cloud.