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Garageband iPhone/iPad files to computer

iLife 11 component - Garageband - has a very serious update - - which allows Garageband on desktop computer devices to open files from Garageband iOS iPhone/iPad devices.

I encountered an error on trying to update from Garageband 6.04 on OSX 10.7  - the update function was aware of an update but did not actually follow through, then declared everything was up-to-date, without changing.  To fix this problem, was moved back to the root application folder, then downloaded DMG file from Apple support site and installed.  Now files from iOS are readable on OSX 10.7

Incidentally, Garageband can easily share to MP3 podcasting (i.e., Export Podcast to Disk... ; or Send Podcast to iTunes...; etc.).  This software will be the best choice for the average MAC user to produce high quality audio casts.  Easy to add metadata and multiple tracks.


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