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Social Issues Reflection

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By Merdan Hojanepesov in the group COMP 607: Fall 2015 cohort December 13, 2015 - 7:49pm

Social media has impacted in various ways, where some may classified them good or bad. From my perspective each of the impact has its own good and bad. To this date, I have been using social networks since the inception of Facebook as a service to college students. This service centralized my area of interests and connected with the people I wanted to stay in touch. Since then Facebook as moved on from academia only to globally available to anyone. I find that using a social networks, I have the connection to people I used to know and interact with. It may be true that with some of them I have ceased the connection, and have not communicated for years, but the availability of connection to them what appeals me in the social networks. Though, everyone once in a while, I would review the friends I have on Facebook and make sure that they are active and not abandoned. Also, another thing I filter is for workplace connection. I consider social network to be free from workplace, and utilize LinkedIn for workplace professional connections. Social network such as Facebook, Instagram is for my social live which I try to limit to people I stay in touch and value their friendship. Every once in a while, I envy people who have thousands of friends, but I do come to realize that they maybe only communicating with selected few. I consider being blessed, not encountering the cyber bulling, as this seems to be more of a problem that anything else. Even, Alberta minister of Energy and Premier herself been victims of cyber bulling where they received many death threats. Another example, is a girl from Nova Scotia, Rehtaeh Parson who committed suicide because of cyberbullying.  While social networks offers variety of benefits to regular users, it seems that there is no valid and applicable law that can be enforced and will offer protection to users of social network. Especially when Supreme Court of Nova Scotia strikes down anti-cyberbullying on the basis that it infringes charter rights.