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Reflections of my work in Unit 0

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By Oumaima Filali in the group COMP 266 July 13, 2022 - 1:57pm

Hi everyone! My name is Oumaima, I am a student at Carleton University and this is my last course before graduating so I am very excited! I am excited to build a website that surrounds my interests and can't wait to develop it more. The outline looks daunting but I feel like I am ready for this challenge! 

The first unit introduced the course format and the various lessons that will be learned throughout the course. The most challenging aspect of this will certainly be the learning diaries, as I am not used to thinking of my learning experience however this reflection while challenging will also be rewarding.

Another upcoming challenge will be the portfolio and thinking ahead enough to ensure that the portfolio is robust and malleable enough to add elements as more are introduced throughout the course.

I have looked through the w3schools website, and have managed to think of ways to incorporate various elements such as drop down menus, and layout styles.

In this unit it was mentioned to participate on the Landing with other students and I find that it will be useful to see other's progress in this course, as it is primarily online, so to share our challenges and tips with each other will certainly come in handy.

I look forward to starting my website and developping it as I go through more units!

Good luck to everyone and happy learning!


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