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By Albert Morozov November 6, 2022 - 3:10pm

Webmaster for a Small Company:


Job Title: Webmaster

Location: Robert’s Bakery - Calgary, AB

Salary: $30.00/per hour

Type of Employment: Full-Time, Permanent


Company Description:

At Robert’s Bakery, we are dedicated to the craft of baking to produce value-added products and bring satisfaction to our customers. We produce a variety of goods, from cookies to wedding cakes, and from loaves of bread to pastries. While we hold several physical locations across Calgary, we have started looking into digital opportunities for the company and are seeking help!


Job Description:

As a webmaster, you will be responsible for updating, implementing, and maintaining our current website to meet our growing presence online. This role requires adaptability and independence to work successfully in our environment. Additionally, excellent communication skills to communicate with non-technical team members to convey possible solutions for the company.


Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of a webmaster are to upgrade the existing website, maintain it to run 24/7, and communicate with the team about opportunities for the company in the online environment. The list of responsibilities are:

  • Plan development and changes to the website

  • Communicate available technologies to the company

  • Ensure hardware and software for the website are running

  • Develop and implement changes to the company’s website. including E-Commerce, New pages, User management, Styling of the website

  • Monitor and maintain the website to run 24/7

  • Communicate with team members on the progress and status of the website

  • Implement and improve security for the website


Job Requirements:

  • Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Experienced with server management

  • Strong communication skills with non-technical people

  • Comfortable with planning an entire website

  • Knowledgable with configuring websites for search optimization

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in web management and development

  • Bachelors in Computer Science or related field


Job Characteristics:

  • Flexible with working in a dynamic environment

  • Can work independently

  • Learn new technologies quickly

  • Comfortable in communicating technical jargon to non-technical team members


Robert’s Bakery is offering a great opportunity for an experienced Webmaster in an environment that provides autonomy and creativity. We hope you join us in our challenges in bringing baked goods to the internet!


Apply to:


Please email us your resume and cover letter to the address provided.


Webmaster for a Large Company:


Job Title: Lead Full Stack Developer

Location: International Big Bank - Toronto, ON

Type of Employment: Full-Time, Permanent


Company Description:

At International Big Bank we provide extensive financial advisory services, financial assets, and opportunities for our clients in North America, Asia, and Europe. Our proud history starts before the twentieth century which we will continue to now and the next century. We will continue a tradition of providing excellent and empowering services to our clients regardless of the challenges they face.


Job Description:

A Lead Full Stack Developer is responsible for managing a team of developers to produce complicated and extensive digital solutions. This includes the beginning of gathering requirements, analyzing, planning, developing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining projects. The role includes leading the effort in writing and distributing backlogs and tasks within the team. Additionally, the Lead will need to effectively communicate with the various teams in the organization, including the architect team, network team, and cybersecurity team.

This role is challenging but rewarding as they will see a project from its infant state grow with the effort and expertise of their team into a full fledge working solution being used internationally. To watch how the team collaborates and cooperates with themselves and other teams to make changes on an international stage.


Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of a Lead Full Stack Developer are vast and challenging but rewarding. This role includes work in all stages of a project, from plan to build, and from deployment to maintenance. The responsibilities are listed below:

  • Produce small to medium-sized digital solutions to meet the challenges of the company

  • Coordinate and lead a team of developers throughout a project

  • Communicate with other Information System teams to ensure proper digital environments for projects

  • Work in an Agile environment by running as the Scrum Master and managing Sprints

  • Take into account security concerns for projects and address them

  • Develop coding standards and practices for the team

  • Ensure proper deployment of web-based solutions

  • Lead requirements gathering to ensure a proper understanding of company challenges

  • Draw designs and plans for projects to be communicated with management

  • Research and procure any necessary development products for the team

  • To address any internal and external conflicts between team members and/or clients

Job Requirements:

  • 10+ years of full-stack web development experience

  • Extensive experience with Aigle practices and operating as a Scrum Master

  • Advanced knowledge of web technologies

  • Strong communication skills with team members and other teams, in both technical and non-technical chats

  • Experience with CI/CD pipeline for deploying websites

  • Expertise in ASP.NET Core, .NET 6, and Blazor WebAssembly framework

  • Knowledgeable with REST API practices

  • Strong understanding of database modeling and best practices



  • Experience with Azure DevOps and other related Microsoft-technologies

  • Experience with Jira and customizing work boards



  • Industry competitive compensation package

  • Extensive health and dental plans

  • Variety of memberships to physical training, mental health, and family programs

  • Friendly and dynamic work environment

  • Hybrid work environment

  • Mentors to help coach and provide opportunities


Join our talented team and reap the benefits at International Big Bank. We look forward to talking with you and seeing how you can fit into our team!


For other opportunities at International Big Bank, please visit and apply for a different position!



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