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Since Google is desperately playing games with endusers, NET users have commented on it.  One of the best statements is from a blog - Macography:

" seems more and more like one of those unhealthy relationships that you find yourself in sometimes in life. You know that you should break up but somehow, some mysterious force keeps you from doing it and you can’t think of your life without ...

Eventually when you find the guts to do it, you almost feel relieved and life goes on as if nothing has ever happened."1.

Now if only Infoseek were around...alas Bing it or Yahoo it to avoid Google.Frown

When you go to the official Google blog of Brian Rose (!topic/picasa/kNQoLm-8E6Q)2. you find a short statement declaring that no links will be given; even to the past apps.  This means that if you did not get a chance to download the apps before April 30, 2012 you are out of luck.  Google could not care less if you were looking to get the last greatest update.

Google also delights in pushing their own digital asset management software - Picassa 3.9 (DAM app) as part of their 2012 spring cleanup (  Thanks Google but could you avoid any spring cleanups, as they just mess up endusers.


Google new moto

"Endusers are to be used"



PS.  You can still download the Picasa Web Albums Uploaders  ( at )4.


  1. Google stops distribution of Picasa Web Uploader and iPhoto plugin for Mac

  2. Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac is no longer available for download!topic/picasa/kNQoLm-8E6Q

  3. Spring-cleaning … in spring!

  4. Picasa Web Albums Uploaders


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