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Software Engineering

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By Abdulelah Alasmari in the group COMP 410 August 17, 2016 - 3:28pm
Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the application of design, implementation and testing principles in the creation of software products. As far as this subject is involved, COMP 410 covers all discussion topics related to software engineering. The goal is to create a discussion forum. I searched around the network, and I couldn't really find a discusion forum/group for COMP 410.

Basically, this is an open group open to all members. Anyone is welcome to post in the group as well as answer any questions that will be posted in the discussion group. There are no rules of thumb as concerned with the conversations held in this group. But it is good to draw the lines, where needed. Courtesy and thoughtfulness will go a long way in increasing the productivity of answers contributed to this group.

For starters, the main text of reference will be Schach's book, Object Oriented & Classical Software Engineering. The book is the main text of the course and it is numerously used as for assignments in this unit. I hope it will go a long way in helping those who seek help in difficult assignments or for those who want to understand the book's contents. Anyway, it is good to point out questions and contributions in a clear format. The idea is to get short and simple answers to problems without necessarily eliciting wide discussions. I hope that you agree with me on that.

Oh, another thing, referencing is also very important. Please make sure to cite the page numbers from the main textbook used in this discussion.  It would be easier for members to identify where the discussion is originating from; for example, one wants to ask a question on Blackbox  unit testing techniques an ideal question would it would be good to identify a citation including Blackbox Unit Testing techniques Schach, p. 520. This would direct another member to the exact page, where an explanation of the method begins. Of course, proper citation and referencing applies to any other book or web material used in a discussion. Members are welcome to suggest a proper referencing format.

For starters, I will post 7 discussion questions as part of my participation portfolio assignment. The questions can go a long way in making the discussion healthy. Thanks All & Welcome To COMP 410!


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