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By Sydney Carroll May 29, 2023 - 3:34pm

I think online courses are a great forum for students, it certainly makes attending classes easier. However, online courses also create an environment when disconnection from learning happens. During the pandemic online learning became the norm for the majority of students, from grade school to doctorates, it offered a way for learning to happen from a distance but it disconnected students from the physical space of a classroom where collaboration and fellowship happens. 

I think the experience of learning remotely forced me to unlearn the traditional way of consuming knowledge because now I had to hold myself responsible to meet deadlines and complete work without the added benefit of working with others. 

Unlearning creates a relationship of truth with the student and teaching staff that is necessary when studying remotely. My style of learning is more collaborative, I enjoy being on teams and working with friends and classmates, learning remotely isn’t the forum I prefer. 

A way that I can be empowered to do well in this course is to receive feedback on my work with a helpful tip or resource that I can try to apply. Being able to have open communication with Dr. Montgomery and submitting these kinds of blog updates will help me to be successful. 



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