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Bannock and a Movie - Sept 23, 2016

The Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research would like to extend an invitation to our September instalment of Bannock and a Movie.

For the staff and students who are unable to attend, below is the link to the documentary.
Click on the play icon.

A film by National Film Board (2013)
Running time Part 1: 41minutes

Running Time Part 2: 41 minutes - October 21
Total Running Time: 82 minutes



Women, Contemporary Aboriginal Issues, and Resistance Part 1 of  2

September 23, 2016

12:10 pm - 12:51 pm

Athabasca University
Peace Hills Trust Tower
10011-109 Street
12th Floor, Room 1222
Edmonton, AB.

Women, Contemporary Aboriginal Issues, and Resistance helps strip away the fears and stigmas that keep people from speaking openly about Aboriginal issues. We hope to create a better understanding of each other and ourselves.
This documentary follows the lives of three fictional children as they grow into adulthood, quickly becoming aware of the way their prejudices, Aboriginal roots, and friendships continue to play an important role in shaping their view of each other, and our country.

Please confirm your attendance by contacting Ivy Lalonde at (780) 428-2064 or email


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