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What does Xah Lee have to do with PostgreSQL?

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By Viorel Tabara in the group Open Source Software November 6, 2016 - 3:13pm

I've been reading on PostgreSQL Post-Installation Setup where the discussion about LD_LIBRARY_PATH sends the reader to the good source on Xah Lee's article. To my surprise, the author's views on Open Source and Unix in general are quite opposite to those of PostgreSQL that prides itself in being an open source license. And if Unix were so bad why would a core PostgreSQL developer recommend it?

There are other good resources on the pitfalls of LD_LIBRARY_PATH and I was thinking about submitting a documentation update but then came across Xah Lee's main page, listing tutorials on Python and Linux between others. There is no evidence on whether it took him 10 years to change his mind but I wouldn't be surprised, as it took Microsoft a long time to change their initial position.

Lastly, Xah Lee is a sad story. A creative mind, socially impaired I would say, and whose only escape was incidentally through teaching Open Source. And as far as I can tell his blogs are currently rolling. It must be a good sign.


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