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Unit Six Reflection Diary

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Work Competed and Learning Outcomes:

The only learning outcome that was listed is: “se JavaScript libraries (e.g. ,JQuery) to create dynamic pages.” In this unit, I’ve made the following changes:

-          Made a featured tutorial tile on the home page

-          Created a parallax scrolling tutorial

-          Created a mail tile on home page

-          Added Infinite Skies to the game library (more on this later)

Each of these were implemented with at least some JQuery. The UI.js of the game Infinite Skies.


Rationale for What Has Been Done:

The entire point of this website was to create games and tutorials for them. Now I have finally completed one of each, written almost entirely in vanilla JavaScript, excepting the UI.js portion of Infinite skies.

Infinite Skies is not yet completed, but it should be stable enough to play consistently. There are many features that do not yet exist such as difficulty, elements could have been tweaked significantly more, more work on the menus, sounds other than the collecting star dust etc. There IS however, a solid foundation for these changes yet to come. I’ve constructed the website and game to be as portable and reusable as possible. 


The Good and The Bad:

 I spent a significant amount of time working on Infinite Skies, perhaps at times neglecting other important items. I thought that if I was unable to complete the game then my site would seem incomplete, and maybe I was right. I am very happy with how everything has turned out up to this point. I have learnt A LOT since beginning this course and will continue to use the skills that I have been developing over the past few months.


What I Would Have Done Differently:

Had I been given a chance to begin again, I would have narrowed the scope of the game that I created. I love the game that I created however it has taken a huge amount of work to create, and there is still an endless amount of work that can be put into the game in the future.

One huge difference would be my ability to plan. I love coding, and perhaps this is a liability at times. In the past, I have failed to plan important aspects of applications, opting to begin programming immediately. This has proven to be detrimental to my productivity in the grand scheme. I am happy to have discovered this idea sooner rather than later though. I have now begun planning much more regularly than I had been and have noticed improvements as a results. 


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