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Bannock and a Movie - Jan 20, 2017

The Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research would like to extend an invitation to our January instalment of Bannock and a Movie.

For the staff and students who are unable to attend, below is the link to the documentary. 
Click on the play icon.

A film by National Film Board (2014)

Running time Part 1: 42 minutes
Running Time Part 2: 42 minutes - February 24
Total Running Time: 84 minutes


Trick or Treaty?

January 20, 2017

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm

Athabasca University
Peace Hills Trust Tower
10011-109 Street
12th Floor, Room 1222
Edmonton, AB.

This documentary profiles Indigenous leaders in their quest for justice as they seek to establish dialogue with the Canadian government. By tracing the history of their ancestors since the signing of Treaty No. 9, these leaders aim to raise awareness about issues vital to First Nations in Canada: respect for and protection of their lands and their natural resources, and the right to hunt and fish so that their societies can prosper. In recent years, an awareness-raising movement has been surfacing in First Nations communities. In this powerful documentary, those who refuse to surrender are given a chance to speak out

Please confirm your attendance by contacting Ivy Lalonde at (780) 428-2064 or email


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