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Unit 5 - Writing Javascript Reflection, Cameron Orr

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By Cameron Orr in the group COMP 266 January 26, 2024 - 11:40pm

Unit Reflection:

Going into this unit I didn't realize the full scope of this overall project, and was thinking I would eventually be implementing a database system in which I would be able to fulfill the parts of my design which were based on such technology (such as the login/registration system, personal account information, ability to upload design files and create posts containing the uploaded design files, interaction with other users' profiles, and notifications. In realization of the real scope of this project I realized I had essentially fulfilled all of the requirements I had originally planned to fulfill most user scenarios/personas, but simply at a lower scale. The issue was just that the original design was scoped far higher than was realistically possible given the guidelines to follow in this course, so my ideal platform was one that was a fully functioning platform that could be used widespread. With this being said, there is no issue with rescoping given this realization, however I simply need to recreate the design document. 

When coming up with the designs for javascript improvements in the site, I took the newly scoped design and implemented all of the remaining functionalities, which were filtering by design difficulty and uploaded date, downloading the files from the sample design page and uploading a profile picture (a temporary image, since there is no database to store the image on, which will ensure the image remains on the platform). After coming up with the designs and creating the pseudocode to outline how I would implement these features, I began implementing them. Since I essentially knew what to do while writing the pseudocode, the pseudocode acted as a rough outline for what I would develop, such that only minor adjustments were made in order to make the code work. In order to facilitate filtering by difficulty and uploaded date I had to add these fields to the listings, such that I could use those fields in the javascript functions to remove the non-matching listings from the screen. For the difficulty field, I followed the styling in the original design, enclosing the difficulty rating in a container which was coloured based on the difficulty level, while the date field was simply displayed in a p tag. Reflecting on the difficulty filtering, it would have been ideal to be able to disable the other filter buttons when one is selected, however since the listings are entirely HTML based, there was no easy way to implement this functionality.

This unit implements all of the remaining user scenarios, and provides the full intended experience to the user while remaining a sample proof of concept website, where the user is not able to create their own account or designs - which is simply a function of the course structure.

Please find the zipped submission in the following google drive link, since the file upload in this website is inconsistent:

And please find the new design at the following links: