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Introductory Java Class-

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By Mahmooda Malik February 13, 2024 - 2:59pm

I read some of the previous blogs about Comp 268 course and I totally agree with everyone that this class started off pretty easy and I thought I was grasping the course until I hit the last assignment.  Where we are asked to design a text-based game.  I find this part a real challenge and though I learned a lot but It was constant a struggle.  At times, I felt I am so badly stuck and I have no idea how to move forward.  That being said, I did not give up like everyone else and kept going with it. I created several games and then I had to close the projects due to a lot of errors.  In the end, I think I have got the basic concepts but I wish we had some zoom lectures on the construction of the game and if there was someone who would answer the questions.