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AUGSA Council Elections - Need your Support

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By Natalia Voronin March 8, 2024 - 12:34pm
AUGSA Council Elections - Need your Support

Good day my dear friends and fellow students,

Athabasca University Graduate Students’ Association (AUGSA) elections are just around the corner, and I would like to seek your support in my candidature for the representative of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

As an aspiring scholar and advocate for student welfare, I am thrilled to apply for a position on the
Graduate Student Council. I bring a diverse background shaped by over two decades of service in the
Royal Canadian Air Force and public sector. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a
current pursuit of a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, my academic journey complements my
extensive professional experience. Throughout my career, I've held managerial roles, demonstrated
leadership, and served as a mentor, fostering growth and development in others.

In my current role as a Section Head for Concepts Development within DND, I am entrusted with uniting the community of Force Developers, fostering collaboration, and spearheading initiatives to enhance processes and envision the future. My commitment to service extends beyond the workplace, as evidenced by my volunteer work as a mentor
for students, participation in school councils, and leadership role as co-chair of a charity's Board of

With a passion for innovation, a wealth of experience, and a dedication to fostering positive change, I
am poised to contribute meaningfully to the Graduate Student Council, advocating for the needs and
aspirations of fellow students while leveraging my skills to facilitate progress and collaboration within
the academic community.

I promise that I can, want and will do my absolute best to excel if elected.

If you believe in my message, vote for me next week!

Online Voting Open: March 12-13, 2024.

The link to vote is https://elections.augsa.comAn email with the live link will be sent out when the voting system opens. 


Yours sincerely,

Natalia Voronin

I acknowledge that I work on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin people, past and present, the traditional guardians of this land, and to whom I am grateful and pay respect.

Je reconnais que je travaille sur le territoire traditionnel non cédé du peuple Algonquin, passé et présent, gardiens traditionnels de cette terre, et à qui je suis reconnaissant et rends hommage.