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Belief and Disbelief in Technology

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By Steve Swettenham January 24, 2013 - 5:04pm

False beliefs and costs of such beliefs

Belief 1a: A newer OS will be better
Belief 1b: The previous OS will not be as good

Belief 2a: A newer OS improves productivity
Belief 2b: The previous OS will not be as productive

Belief 3a: Follow technology plan at all cost
Belief 3b: Cause and Effect

Belief 4a: Process over Outcome
Belief 4b: Form over Function

Belief 5a: Data is safer in the cloud
Belief 5b: Cloud will always be there

Belief 6a: Internet is forever
Belief 6b: Internet is everywhere

Belief 7a: Internet Freedom
Belief 7b: Internet will free the poor


..... Fill in below .....






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