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COMP 361 - Reflection on the Activities of the 1st Assignment

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By Zakaria Bakkal September 6, 2017 - 5:16pm

I always believed that computer programming was about writing code to solve a problem. Now, I found out that writing code is one of the last tasks a programmer will do. So, actually writing code is just a way to translate the business need and requirement into a computer language. So, we can see that analysis and design are the most important thing in computer science. Without it we can't know where we are, what are we dealing with, what are we trying to solve, what are we trying to achieve, what are we heading and for how long until we reach the desired outcome.

Before working on any information system project we must understand the need of the client or the business need and then find the best solution to that need by collecting and studying data about the business. This task that I always skipped when trying to write a big program or create a website. In this assignment, I saw how powerful the techniques we learned in the text book can open my eyes and see the system how it's going to be before even starting to write any code. the picture keeps getting clearer as I go to the next step of the process. Without a doubt, I had difficulties getting this assignment done specifically part A, no wonder why all the articles that I read always mention that defining the business need is the most difficult task in system analysis. The problem I had with defining the business need is which perspective do I need to adopt so that I can report it. So, I had to refer to the textbook more often and reread some sections to clarify what does the task mean. Also, I googled many terms and compared them with each other, luckily the analysts use the same terms everywhere in the globe. It's something amazing to have a unified language" jargon" for a specific area of study. Most of the articles follow the same approach found in the text book if they don't add something extra which I found helpful too.

The assignment got easy when I reached part B. Trying to find use cases was a little tricky but I found fun to do. Some events and use cases were easy to find others took a little more thinking to find them and others were difficult to know which type do they belong to. I know that the list is not complete and not 100 percent accurate but as the process goes these ambiguities will start to dissolve.

Analysis and design will be my first point of departure on future projects no matter what their scales are.


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