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XMAS Research Tools Inquiry

By Steve Swettenham December 2, 2017 - 11:40am

Although I would likely be better off writing this post to Saint Nicholas...I will give it the virtual effort...

My questions are primarily directed at the AU administration who dropped MSOffice 360 on me in an email, without asking if I preferred something else.

There are many open source applications, from Internet and office apps, to qualitative and quantitative analysis tools that will serve my student research needs and personal learning environment just fine.

A few XMAS 2017 questions to ponder on your paid holidays:

  • Why are you not investing in open source software tools for students instead of MSOffice?
  • Do you have LibreOffice APA and MLA templates available ?
  • Why have you not adopted R ( ), rather than using commercial-ware ?
  • Why are course references not available in Zotero file format ?
  • Why have you not adopted open e-textbooks across the institution ?

This post can be sent on to Saint Nicholas if the questions are too unappealing.

Thank you for your consideration.


Steve, a concerned and lost student in the digital divide...and winter has come






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