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  • Comp 266 Unit 7 - Proposal for external data use review Assignment

Comp 266 Unit 7 - Proposal for external data use review Assignment

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By Charlie December 9, 2017 - 3:43pm


After reviewing and practising with AJAX, I had found  where I would like to apply AJAX to my website.

I would like to apply my AJAX code to the 'Contact' page, in which I want to have all submitted forms directed to my email address without having to deal with a server, PHP, or any other backend...

The Problem

"Imagine you’ve just created a website using static pages, whether that be with the aid of Jekyll or simply using some HTML files, but you now want to add a contact form. You can link to an online service, install something prebuilt onto your server, or build something from scratch using PHP. This means you’re either completely restricted on the design, or you’re putting more effort into a single form than you did for the entire site." 

The Solution

"What if you could use a service that gives you full control over the form, yet doesn’t require you to install anything on your server? Enter Formspree, an online service which gives you the ability to create functional HTML forms without the use of PHP or JavaScript."



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