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Unit 0 Reflections

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By Gordon Wall January 17, 2018 - 1:21pm

 Unit 0 Introduction

The essence of a good website seems to be planning and purpose and evisionment of how it will be used. The course is designed to pace the individual as you go so that you do not get too far ahead and omit valuable learning along the way. Setting up the diary blog on the Landing  will help me reflect on what I am learning and allow me to track my progress. The Landing has a lot of useful information that I will be able to access to help me complete the course. The Landing will also allow me to make connections with other students that will help aid my success by sharing ideas. Java and HTML will be the essence of the coding that will be used to structurally build the site. At the end of the course a portfolio will be submitted that will contain the website, the learning diary and a document mapping my  activities to the desired course outcomes. I hope it works out well and I have a number of ideas swimming around. I am sure I will seek help and resource as time goes on.


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