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Assignment 4: Reflection

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By Alex Di Vito March 4, 2018 - 12:59am

Woohoo! Assignment 4 is complete! One more to go! Overall, I enjoyed this assignment as it was not an outrageous amount of work and it was neat to see how Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams evolve over time. I enjoyed the addition of Controller classes as I am familiar with the MVC (Model View Controller) Paradigm so adding these to the Class Diagram made sense to me.

One problem I encountered with the Sequence Diagram was that the tool that I was using to create my charts/diagrams (Visual Paradigm Community Edition) did not provide the exact same formatting as what the Sequence Diagram looks like in the book. For example, the actor in the book uses a vertical dashed bar to signify the beginning of the sequence, however, my program utilizes a solid rectangular shape instead. This is just one example of where a difference between the book and the program I was using appeared. I eventually decided to look at the documentation for Sequence Diagrams and realized how to provide semantic labeling to my diagrams, even though it may appear different from the book, I did attempt to provide semantic labeling to my Controller vs Entity vs View Classes.

 One thing that is kind of nice about Sequence Diagrams is that you can show multiple use cases side-by-side on a Sequence Diagram in order to view their similarities. Other then that, I feel as though pseudo coding a use case instead of providing a Sequence Diagram would take far less time and provide a similar amount of information.  

In general, I feel as though, the more complicated the project is, or the more people working on it increases the effectiveness that charts and diagrams have in ensuring an accurate and successful implementation of a project, however, even with projects consisting of one person performing the designing and developing, some type of planning is always important.


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