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  • Unit 5: Learning Diary Part 1 - Three Ideas For Using JavaScript

Unit 5: Learning Diary Part 1 - Three Ideas For Using JavaScript

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By Jamal Habash in the group COMP 266 July 18, 2018 - 9:34pm

Hey All! Here is my three ideas for using Javascript in Unit 5.

Idea #1: 

Show off my personality, design and programming skills with a Javascript-based video game (i.e. brickbreaker or aliens). The game can be overlayed onto the website and triggered with a button. Alternatively, the game can "peak" onto the screen as a surprise if the user reads a certain number of webpages or spends a certain amount of time on the website. Alternativly, a more interactive form of media can be developed. For example, to show off my personality, a floating head with fun facts can be randomly set to pop-up and display throughout the website. Both forms of media would help people accessing the website gain a better undersanding of my personaility and interests. In addition they would develop an understanding of my technical skills through the development of something like a Javascript game. 

Idea #2: 

Make it easier to discover the 'works' and 'blog' pages with dynamic links and/or pop-up notifications. This may involve storing cookies of a users session to determine which pages they have visited. If they haven't seen a particular post on the website, I can present them with a link to that webpage in a notification style window. This will improve a users ability to discover information that might interest them. For example, if a user has been reading posts about automtive projects, I'll reccommend they read other posts on topics related to automotive work. 

Idea #3: 

Improve the utilities of the website. This would involve making the menus and forms on the website better with error checking and dynamic functionality. In terms of utility, the website can save the users current session in a cookie. When the user navigates away from the website, if they decide to come back, the website can provide them with a menu link to "start reading where they left off". This helps improve the user experience, and ensures someone using the website can easily access the pages that interest them most. Anything that makes it easier for a user to access information, is beneficial in improving the websites ability to meet the needs of the personas and scenarios outline in Unit 1. 



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