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Lots of Clouds - where is the sun?

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By Steve Swettenham November 6, 2018 - 3:08am

A news flash with cloudware and sunny promises:

Is this just another money pit like...blackboard, plato, IBM, DEC, DAL ????

Great now every student becomes part of the borg, thanks to the ambivalent tasered Canadian taxpayer.

What happend to experimenting on your own server, creative autonomous thinking, and stand-alone innovations? Is commercialization, AI, and big data really going to help me learn? or provide more financial wealth to the already rich? I wonder if anyone in the future will ask how could a society be so accepting of being controlled?

You may recall in the distant past why microcomputers broke the mainframe dominance, now we have come full circle - your computing device is now a glorified terminal.


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