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I think that using (edu)blogs for chronicling is an important aspect of formal academic blogging. For me, this process of reporting and commenting on conferences and seminars involves jotting down notes, collecting short voice narrations, preparing and conducting short impromptu interviews with participants and presenters during coffee breaks and lunchtime, collecting and reflecting on backchannel Twitter commentary during presentations, and doing a post-conference blog post reviewing the archived presentations.

This reporting process takes several weeks, and lead to numerous posts, podcasts and uploaded files. I upload the raw notes, outlines, scanned images of conference notes, and voice notes to a sandbox part of my edublog, a more private "holding space".  I tag these these for my private use, deciding on how to pile the posts together for easier retrieval, and categorizing them as separate artefacts that I might re-visit and re-use at some later time. I add meta-narrative, and add context cues, so I can remember the context of the isolated tidbits and info-scraps.

I then begin weaving the content together as a narrative, linking and embedding the pieces into a series of posts. I am always looking for ways to tag and categorize these posts, and often check out the Tag Clouds of other edubloggers, to compare my tagging strategies with theirs. How did they do their tagging? What are they posting about? What data streams and info-scraps are they weaving into their narrative? What sources are they quoting, citing, or drawing from?

The chronicling process involves a cycle of reading others' blogs, filtering, synthesizing and sense-making. It is an example of how one can comfortably blog in the open by sharing one's thoughts and ideas and processes of idea capture.


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