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Incentive to change

John van der Baaren recently posted:

I do not think education lacks the ability to use ICT. Farmers, the washing machine repair man etc. all are using ICT for many years now to optimise their business. And teachers who all completed a HE would not be able to apply ICT and need all kinds of special training programs? In my opinion the real reason why education is so resistant to modernisation and more cost-effectiveness is simple: because they don’t have to. As long as we keep paying the bill and governments keep protecting educational institutions from competition there is no incentive to change.

While, the universities are leading in new technology-driven inventions, techniques, applications etc., they are very reluctant to adopt them and are nearly always behind the acceptance curve for new implementations of technology.  With the growing number of universities, public and private going online with their courses, and now with significant government cutbacks, competition and the lack of funding are driving significant changes in our sector. MOOCs are one example of a response to this changing environment. What are others?