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Setting Strategies




Blog posts that involve active identification, sorting, comparing and analysis of other users' data sets such as dashboards, followers, collections, bookmarks, blogrolls, tag clouds and home pages.

For example, by looking at my Dashboard on the Landing, I can make an evaluation of how well I have set up the widgets for use within the ELGG environment. I notice that the external RSS feed and the Twitter channels are set up but inactive. I don't use the dashboard for those features, as I use Google Reader and TweetDeck to manage the feeds and tweets.

Oftentimes, I reflect on how I had used the dashboard in the past, and how I have been recently using it. By examining the differences, I can re-evaluate the layout, and customize the dashboard in view of recent use, removing and adding widgets to reflect what I require now, or in anticipation of what I will likely need in future (in advance of an upcoming project, presentation, assignments, etc.)



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