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Our first plankings

imageimageSo on Sunday, we were at Laurell's uncle's house for his birthday when her aunt mentioned this "thing" her son does with his friends called planking. What's planking you ask, as we did later in the car. So i looked it up and found "the laying down game". I was hooked immediately.  I got the kids (including Willow, Relly's neice) to plank in the airplane position that night and again today at the water park.
I've also come up with a new idea based on owling where you squat like an owl in strange places. It's called gargoyling. You pick a place to owl and make a scary face and pose like a gargoyl. I think it's funnier. I'll have examples later.


Friar Greg

By: Greg Denyes
Posted: July 26, 2011, 4:14 pm


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