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Equity and Diversity in Canadian Archaeology survey

Equity and Diversity in Canadian Archaeology survey – final call for responses – Deadline March 31

Are you an archaeologist or archaeology student in Canada? We want to hear from you!

The Canadian Archaeological Association’s Working Group on Equity and Diversity is working towards safer, more inclusive work and study environments in Canadian archaeology. Towards this end, we are conducting a survey to gather information about the demographics of Canadian archaeologists and our experiences of social climates and dynamics, including instances of bullying and harassment, in our workplaces, field research settings, universities, and other study and professional situations.

We have had over 450 responses so far – thank-you to everyone who has taken time to respond. If you have not already completed the survey, we want to hear from you before time runs out! Please follow the link to complete the survey before it closes at midnight on March 31. We encourage you to share the link widely and encourage friends and colleagues to complete the survey.

Help us create a more equitable and welcoming disciplinary culture!




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