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CAFA launches media campaign about government cuts to postsecondary education

Today, CAFA (the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations) held a press conference to launch our new media campaign to protest the Alberta government's cuts to postsecondary education, and to promote the public value of postsecondary education.

The website anchors the campaign, with information about the cuts and their implications, and tools for taking action against them - like a letter you can customize and send to your MLA.

For more info, see the website:  

CAFA press conference #notonemoreab poster:

(Personally, albeit in hindsight, I think the URL should have been called ... that URL is available and it signals one of our main messages: that the Redford government should RESTORE THE FUNDING IT PROMISED.)

I will update this with links to media coverage of the press conference as I gather them. For now here are the live-tweets, with pictures, that I sent out:

And what would a press conference be without a giant gimmick art prop? CAFA wants to tour this installation around Alberta's campuses. Stay tuned.

#notonemoreab Jenga-block installation  See what happens when you remove one more block?