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Assignment 4 Reflection

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By Jason French July 6, 2019 - 6:30pm

As this course continues to progress, I find myself enjoying how each assignment is building on top of one another. It seems the solution we develop during each step is then heavily relied on to continue on. I suppose that this is extremely reflective of what a real world IS project may look like, and I really do appreciate how this course masterfully structures it that way.

I did find that there was a large jump from last assignment in terms of taking a more technical approach. While found it was fairly straightforward to look at the overall picture and map out the relationships between the different classes in all of the diagrams, when it came to writing the methods and outlining the detail I had a much greater challenge. I found that I had to rely heavily on the textbook to determine exactly what to express and maybe more importantly, how to express it. While I have developed a pretty thorough understanding of the high-level solution, taking a more technical approach to the problem did provide me with some challenges.

I also was having some difficulty in figuring out the Visual Paradigm software in terms of developing sequence diagrams. Some of the formatting options were a little foreign to me and I had to take my search to Google to help with a few topics, some of which I never resolved. I was trying to format it exactly the same as how it is in the textbook but I suppose maybe this is more first glance into the realization that many developers and software will take a slightly different approach to how a solution is displayed but at the core of it express the same thing.

Anyways, I am really excited to see where Assignment 5 takes us. I am hoping that many courses in this program take this same project approach the way this course has. It has seemed like a natural way to be exposed to these new techniques.


Till next time,



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